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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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For most of us, January 1st is the beginning of the New Year but this is only the start of a New Year on the Gregorian calendar. Many cultures celebrate and start New Year at different times of the year. On the 8th of February 2016, a new Chinese Year will begin. It will be the 4713th year!


It starts every year at a different time because it is based on the lunar calendar. It begins on the second new moon after winter solstice. Every year different animal governs, and each year different animal has a different element. So, because there are 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope and there are 5 elements in the cycle of 60 years, no animal or no year is the same. This time it will be a Fire Monkey year.

Every year, every month and even every day the energy changes…Energy does this all the time.  That is why, it is so important to update and make an annual assessment of your property, office and home every year. Annual addressing of placements of articles that address the elements in your environment is more than sufficient, but very necessary. Begin at home, make sure you put all matters in order, such as having your home feng shui’ed, that means energy appropriately done to enhance the good stars and suppress the afflictions.

According to lunar calendar the new year starts on the 8th of February but according to solar calendar it starts on the 4th of February and this is the date the the below changes take place.

Below you can find a chart with the yearly stars. Look at it and read the description below.

Southwest - is the best sector of the entire area and this is where the prosperity star number 8 is residing. This is the so called “wealth spot” of the 2015.

Best is to use it as often as possible! Movement enhances the good aspects of this star so noise and activity is definitely recommended.

Those living in Southwest facing homes or staying in a bedroom located in the Southwest sector of the home and also those born in the year of Monkey and Sheep will enjoy great fortune this year.

If you want status, promotion in career, power or authority, use this sector!

South – is visited by the star number 6, bringing help from heavens and mentors. It is a very good star, one of the three white numbers (1, 6, and 8).

It will bring lots of positive energy to those staying in South sector or having their bedroom or main door located here. It will be a very positive, beneficial year to all those born in the year of Horse.

If you want status, promotion in career, power or authority, stay in that sector of the home! It attracts unexpected wealth as well, so you can also try your hand at the lottery!

Enhance the energy of this star by placing earth (crystals, stone etc.) or metal (objects made of copper, bronze, silver, gold etc.) in the South sector of your home.

Southeast – auspicious, white star number 1 is residing here in 2016 bringing a lot of good fortune. This star brings success, victory and career luck to those who are occupying this sector. Since it is located in the Southeast it brings success and victory (over competition) to eldest daughters and those born in the years of Dragon and Snake.


West – those living in West facing/sitting homes as well as people born in the year of Rooster generally had a very difficult 2015 year. Now the situation will change for the better. Romance star number 4 enters this sector bringing love, romance and academic pursuits. Writers, journalists and students would benefit greatly when staying in that sector.

This is also called Peach Blossom Luck location of this year. So, if you want love, marriage, if you are looking for your “other half” you should be staying in that part of your house. This star will greatly benefit those born in the year of Rooster bringing love and marriage opportunities to their life.

For people who belong to west group (according to KUA formula) and would like romance, love or luck in studies and exams, just face this direction.

This star is also beneficial for those studying or going to pass exams. Study and spend time in this part of the house.

East –  auspicious multiplying star number 9 is residing here bringing future prosperity and completion energy. If your main door, bedroom or your office is located in that sector or you are born in the year of Rabbit, you can expect great year ahead. Since it is called the future prosperity star whatever business and ventures you start in 2015 will give you long-lasting benefits and income.

If there are business or project that need to be completed this year, this will happen since this is also a star of completion.

Light up all lights in the East sector of the house which will strengthen the positive energy of this corner.

Northwest – the argumentative star number 3 resides in this direction bringing quarrels, disputes, litigation and even court cases especially to those born in the year of Pig and Dog.

To lessen the effects of this star, shine bright lights, use red colour objects, for example: carpets, table cloth, red curtains…be creative.

Remember to keep this area quiet because noise strengthens the negative effects of this star.

Center – Inauspicious star number 2 is residing here bringing illness and health problems.

Best is to avoid this sector because it brings persistent health problems and sickness. If you cannot avoid this area, place a lot of metal objects there, for example: copper, brass, bronze. You can also paint this sector white or place a Wu Lou, which is a feng shui object safeguarding your health.

Avoid too many lights in this area because fire energy strengthens this star even further. Dim the lights and remove earth elements from this sector, such as stones, crystals etc.

North - star number 7 is residing here bringing violence, theft, burglary and loss of wealth. There is also a danger you might be cheated. This is especially dangerous for those whose main door is facing this direction or whose bedroom is located in that sector and those born in the year of Rat.

If your bedroom is located in that direction install additional alarm system, and make sure you have insurance for your home. This star also indicates possible violence so do not get into unnecessary arguments with strangers, avoid going out alone at night…You also could be cheated, so do not go to a new partnership.

Minimize the use of that area. Best solution for exhausting the violent star number 7 is placing a water feature here.

Northeast– this is the most afflicted sector this year. Best is to avoid it at all cost!!! Star number 5 is located here bringing 5 types of misfortunes, ranging from health, money, career, success to relationships problems.

The negative effects of this star will be felt especially by those whose main door faces Northeast or their bedroom is located there. Also people born in the years of Tiger and Ox are most prone to feel the negative effects of this star.

Do not do any renovations in that sector, avoid noise, and keep it quiet! Place metal objects here to weaken the negative effects. Do not keep any earth elements here, such as: stones, crystals etc. Avoid lights here as well because fire energy strengthens this star even further!

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