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InvestExpo in Gdańsk
The InvestExpo business meeting in Gdansk occurred on the 7th and 8th of June 2011. The organizer of the meeting was the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences and Regional Chamber of Pomerania. The Forum was divided into three thematic blocks: Business Angels, Financing of technology transfer and Feng Shui in business.

During lectures by experts in the field of finance and investment  opportunities  presented the combination of science, innovation and business.

Speakers were: Dr. Piotr Tomowicz (a prominent expert in the venture capital market, Chairman of the Meeting of Founders Institute of Economics and Social Sciences), Sergiusz Borysławski (KlubInwestoró, Łukasz Krasoń-Becker (Law Firm Rödl & Partner), Marek Dondelewski (Pomerania Regional Chamber of Commerce, the European  Advisory  Holding  Sp.z o.o.), Joanna Dąbrowska (Focal Point CIP) and Katarzyna Devraj, an expert on Feng Shui (Beryl Consulting).

InvestExpo Business Meeting is the only  frequent event  which supports activities for investment, development and innovation and is aimed primarily at owners of small and medium enterprises. The purpose of the meetings is to exchange experiences and establish contacts with prospective partners to assist participants in developing and modernizing  their businesses.




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