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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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If you are planning to build or purchase a home or a piece of land, expand your existing house or like most of my clients, improve the space you live in, so it works to your benefit – I suggest a consultation with a qualified feng shui consultant.

Application of the principals of feng shui in your home can help improve relationships between members of the household, contribute to success in life and as well enhance physical and mental strength.

If you are planning to start new business, enhance your potential  or increase the capacity of your potential, looking for possibilities of further growth – feng shui can help.

Using feng shui at work can help improve working conditions, thus increasing the intellectual potential and performance. It also enrich the relationships with people, create opportunities for business growth, increases revenue and help you to make right decisions.

Types of consultations:


1. Advising on land/property purchase

2. Advising on home design

3. Supervision of home construction – working with architect

4. Advice for apartment

5. Advising on the feng shui aspect of a new construction/site

6. Annual updates and remedies


1. Large development projects

2. Corporate offices

3. Shopping malls

4. Advising in hiring new staff

5. Designing name cards


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