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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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When choosing home, apartment or a plot of land very important is to check the surroundings. Check the outdoors and check how the land is shaped, what is built around or next to our intended home.

In feng shui we have the so called four celestial guardians, which are the four symbolic animals that should be present in the surrounding area.

We have Black Turtle, Green dragon, white tiger and red phoenix.

In ancient times it was the shape of the area: mountains, lakes, hills etc.

In modern days many of us live in cities where it is almost impossible to look for valleys, hills, lakes etc. That is why man made buildings are described as mountains, highways and roads are regarded as lakes and rivers.

Black Turtle should be located behind our home. It can be represented by a mountain, valley, forest, tall trees or a high wall. It symbolizes the protection for the people staying in the home. Ideally it should be located in the North direction.

If you do not have any high structure behind your home, you could actually create the feature yourself!

You can plant trees, build a wall, or in apartments, hang a painting or photograph with a mountain in it in the back of your home.

If instead of a mountain you have water feature behind, (for an example standing with your  back to the river) and the ground slopes upwards at the front, you could try move your main entrance to the back of the home and then make it your main entrance.

On the left (when having the home behind) is the Green Dragon. It can be represented by hills, green trees, bushes etc. Best if this is located in the East direction. Most important is that the left side (looking out) it is higher than the right side.

If the left side feature is too low, plant trees on this side.

On the right side, we have the White Tiger, best in West direction. He can be represented by white wall, hills, white building etc. Most important is that he is lower than the left side (looking out).

In front we have the Red Phoenix. His place is in front of the house. Ideally if placed in the South direction.

What is important to note is that the view from our house should not be blocked by any structure or hill for at least twice the length of the house.

All 4 animals should look like an armchair, with solid back support, arm rest and footstool to rest your legs.

This kind of combination gives you a life of comfort.

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