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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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Black Hat Sect
Black Hat school was started in the eighties by Professor Thomas Lin Yun Riponche. In the beginning it was  mostly practiced in the United States but very quickly it became popular in other parts of the World.
It is a school of thought that uses the Bagua/Pagua chart and the directions based on the position of the main door.

According to this school you should superimpose the chart on the plan of your home  to know where each of the nine sectors of the Paqua/Baqua is located.

Each of them represents different aspect of your life; they include: Money, Career, Children, Family, Fame, Helpful People, Relationships and Health.

It is quite similar with the Compass school of feng shui but the difference is that the Black Hat does not use compass but the location of the main door.

All you need to have is a floor plan on which you superimpose the 8 directions of feng shui and then you identify where each sector is located.

Depending from the energy in each sector you should apply proper color combination, enhancers, placement of doors and furniture, etc. This is to either enhance or balance the energy in certain sectors.

This is the simplest and most common method of feng shui, which has been described in most books on this topic.

Personally I have never practiced this method because it just does not convince me, this is because it does not consider the real, geographical directions and  is mainly about positioning figurines and other enhancers or remedies and last but not least  does not take into account the element of time.

In my opinion feng shui practiced without the compass is not reliable and does not bring expected results. That is why I do not practice this method and thus do not recommended it as well.

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