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Summer just started, this season usually brings hope because of better weather, just the expectation of sunshine alleviates our expectation. What better time then to try to infuse new energy to our life and surroundings.

Let’s do something dramatic to improve our home energy, whether we live on a landed property or an apartment, we have to note how we feel presently in order to justify the improvements.If you live in a home that is more than 10 years without any notable renovations , there is no question that a feng shui action of renewal has to occur, if your home is newer  but you feel cramped, confined and the home feels like its poorly laid out, an immediate action is needed.

Here are my ideas to feng shui your present home to lift the energy and invite that happy mood back again, regardless how the economy, work, or generally your life is at present, there is nothing better to go back to your personal castle and feel secure and peaceful.

1. First lets be practical, take an overall perspective of what changes you think are essential, how extensive a renovation should be considered, how does the new intent of change  affect all the members of the household, for example, what wall goes down if any, what new rooms must be added, which floorings need to be changed and possibly into what lightings, etc?. The whole picture, noted on a pad with priorities placed along the way so as to ensure that once done, budget can be calculated. If the budget does not allow you the luxury of all improvements, then priorities take over. This first step allows a sensible stance without the need of regret, remember , you are doing this to uplift your mood not otherwise. At all  times assure yourself, that any change is for the better, great or insignificant.

2. Now how does renovation actually improve the energy of the home, that answer lies in the flow of energy. In Feng shui this is known Chi or energy, constant uninterrupted flow of Chi ensures positive chi energy, when energy stops because of hindrance, the energy becomes stale and collected, transforming into negative energy. It is important to note that clutter always stop flows much like a clogged drainage that stops the flow of waste. In order to overcome this negativity , work out a systematic route that you will walk across from the front door to each and every part of the home, can you make a route there without hindrance, if so then so will energy. this is the simplest form of test. When you make your renovation plans , have this in mind.

3. Look around, how does your surroundings feel? Is it dark? Nothing is better to lift a mood than light or rather sunshine energy, the vitamin D that we crave for our body's well being is very much needed for our home too. Sunlight is free and has such curative powers against depression so let in more light, ensure that your new renovation takes this into consideration. This sensibility actually is a cost saving measure in lighting and electricity bills if you think about it.

4. Look around your home particularly your walls , furniture and fixtures. Do they look cracked, worn out or in a state of disrepair. How do you expect to feel good in an environment that feels old, cracked and shaded. A sensible coat of paint work, a repair to worn out shelves, kitchen tops and electrical fixtures make a whole lot of difference and is quite cost effective not to mention even safer environment to live in.

5. Do a study on your corridors, are they long and narrow with much corners? Are they really necessary? Do you really need such box look of partitions, can they be removed, if they do, will the new space give you a more space outlook? Be practical with space and do not create to many rooms, you may find an open plan can still give you all you want and yet make the space look bigger and brighter. If your home is large and space is not a problem, then ensure that there are not too many sharp corner facing you as you relax or work in order to avoid what is commonly known in feng shui as poison arrows.

6. If yours is a landed property , do give the outside of your home a facelift and ensure that your gardens look well attended to and that from the outside, the face of the home presents the right social projection to your neighbours and visitors.

7. Do not do renovations this year, if possible, in East and West sector of your property. However if this is not possible at least remember not to start and end renovations in these sectors.More about it you can read by clicking at the link below.

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