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Main door

Many of you either don’t know or simply forget how important is doors from feng shui point of view. They are said to be the mouth of the home because this is where the energy enters the home.
That is why it is so important for the feng shui of the main door to be accurate and correct.

To check if the feng shui of your main door is beneficial or not, begin by checking the area outside the main door.

Check if there are any negative structures either outside or inside and if any poison arrow is pointed either from the outside or inside the home at your main door. When observed apply necessary remedies.

In apartments avoid the following :

- elevator outside the main door

- your neighbor’s door just opposite yours

- apartment in the end of long, narrow and long corridor

- poison arrow pointed directly at our main door

- the edge of the building directed at our main door

In homes avoid the following:

-    Straight, narrow and long pathway leading to the main door

-    Single lamppost or a tree just outside (opposite) the main door

-    Garbage facility opposite the main door

-    Edge of the building or triangular roofline directed at your main door

Doors should always be proportional to the size of your home.

Best are solid and grand looking but not too big to overwhelm the home.

Best material for doors is wood. If you like glass panels, go ahead and have them but never choose full glass doors. Glass panels let the sunlight inside and that is why they are very useful in small and narrow hallways.

Make sure your door is not in one line with the back door.

It is very negative if such a situation occurs because energy flows in and immediately flows out of your home. If you have such a setting in your home try to relocate either one of the doors .

You can also put a wall in between the main door and the back  which will allow the energy to enter the home and stay there.

When just opposite the main door you have a window simply do not open it or cover it with a curtain.

When there are three doors in one line try to slow down the energy by placing potted plants, round tables in between the doors (on the side).

Main door should always open inwards.

Check the direction of your main door (on the compass) and make sure it is one of your beneficial directions according to the KUA formula.

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