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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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Dining room
Dining room is a place where  family and friends eat meals together and  thus  becomes the most sociable and family gathering area at home.
In feng shui, a dining room is the most important room that is why you should make sure it harbors positive energy.

Best place for a dining room is the middle of the home (looking at the plan) because it represents the so called “heart of the home”. If for some reason you cannot have it there, at least make sure you designate bright, well ventilated area.

If your dining room is just next to a kitchen or living area and the floor has two levels, dining room should always be on the higher .

To enhance beneficial feng shui, hang a mirror in your dining room in a way so it does reflect the table. Mirror in feng shui has a multiplying function so placing it in the dining room symbolically “doubles the food”,  stating that we never run out of it.

Positioning the dining table is very important from feng shui perspective because this is the main furniture in this area. Do not place it below a toilet, if such exist on the floor above. Avoid having your table below any overhead beams, because beams send out negative energy.

Make sure that there are no poison arrows which sends out negative energy to those around the  table.

Feng shui is based on directions and locations and as such, do try your best to have the family members sitting and facing their good directions (according to KUA formula).

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