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Colors and interiors
Colors are inseparable attribute of our lives, a characteristic elementof everything that surrounds us. We use them in selection of our clothing, when preparing meals, as well as descriptions of our feelings and emotions. Colors also an important element of interior design.

Colors reflect your personality, they can act as relaxing, stimulating andenergizing force. They influence our feelings and mood. Very often it happens that  we like  colors that our body needs, such as whenwe need energy then red draws our attention. However when we needrest and relaxation, we are looking for blues and greens.

An interesting fact is that  colors form a kind of vibration. According to some studies blind people can feel vibrations of colors with their fingertips; they can say whether it is a warm (red, pink, orange) or cool (blue, gray, etc) color.

In feng shui everything in the world is associated with  one of the five elements and so do the colors. Knowing which color corresponds to which element, we can choose the most appropriate color for our interior.

The most important in feng shui is balance - this rule applies to colors as well.

Red, orange, pink and their shades - are associated with the fire energy.

This means that these colors give you courage and are particularly recommended to timid people who lack self-confidence. In feng shui, these colors are recommended mainly in the south, south-west and north-east. They are also beneficial in sectors where there is a negative energy of the star number 3, and where there is a beneficial star number 8, according to Flying Star formula. This method indicates the positive and negative directions of energy flow at home, and also reflects the changes occurring in the environment within a specified period. It shows how the energy moves and changes over time and how these changes affect a particular property. The energy is expressed by numbers (also called as stars) on a scale from 1 to 9.

In the bedroom these colors enhance passion and excitement. However, remember not to overdo their application. An excess of red colors (like on the photo on the left) leads to nervousness, stress, and even aggression - which is why it is not recommended to persons too energetic and nervous.

Application of these colors should be avoided in the kitchen because they are the colors associated with the energy of fire, and there is this energy is already in excess.

Yellow and its shades -  color that adds energy.

It is associated with warmth and optimism. When the sun shines everybody is generallyin  a good mood and is cheerful. In feng shui, this color is associated with the earth elementand it is best to apply it in north-east and south-west sectors.It is also beneficial in sectors where star number 8 appears, in accordance with the  "Flying Star" formula. Star number 8 is the most auspicious of all bringing success andgood luck.

Because yellow is a color that energizes and adds up energy it is the most appropriate color to the living room and places where we spend a lot of time.

Green and it’s shades - associated with harmony and relaxation, as well with the wood element.

It is said that looking at this color eyes rest. It is particularly recommended to people who spend a lot of time on the computer. This is because this color is associated with vegetation and nature. While in park, gardens or woods - we just relax.

In feng shui, this color is recommended in the east, south-east and south sector and also where star number 4 appears according to the Flying star formula.

Beneficial in these sectors is also brown color, which in feng shui is also associated with an element of wood.

However you should not introduce too much of this color because the roomwill turn out to be too dark, and at the same time will contribute to the deterioration of yourwell being. Dark color is best combined with lighter colors.

Blue and it’s shades - cold color, which calms, soothes and relaxes.

In feng shui it is associated with water element and also with money. However in excess it becomes dangerous and leads to problems.

Water can at the same time be both a beneficial and very dangerous element. When the water is in the near vicinity to your home and it flows slowly and it is clear it becomes beneficial to the inhabitants bringing financial success, good luck and wealth. In excess, it can  "sink" us, what that means is, it can contribute to various types of problems, usually financial.

The color blue is very beneficial in the following sectors: north, east and south east,  and where there is the favorable water star number 8. Then it enhances potential financial success and wealth.

However, note that both the roof and the ceiling should never be painted in blue and black.

These two colors should be avoided because excess causes failures, problems and financial losses. For this reason, we should especially beware of those colors in the following sectors: south, west and north-west.

Interior on the photograph above is too dark and as such too yin. Avoid it!

White - is associated with authority, hope, and innocence.

In feng shui, color white is associated with metal energy, that is why it is recommended mainly in the west and north-west, and where there is a star number 1 and 6, in accordance with the formula Flying Star. It is a yang color and should therefore always be enriched with a different jin color (blue, black, gray). Other colors that belong to metal element are: gray and silver, they calm and soothe irritability.

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