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Negative restaurant locations

Why some locations are disastrous?

There is this phenomena of one restaurant in Warsaw, Poland located in city center. In the last 4 years it was a location of  3 different restaurants, serving completely different cuisine but unfortunately none could succeed.

The first two went out of business, the third  one is still trying but so far with no success. It is located in the city center where there is plenty of people traffic who could easily drop in for lunch or dinner and the prices are very standard to any downtown restaurants but hardly anybody does. This place is almost always empty. It is not a big restaurant but during the many times I was there  all the tables were empty and the waitresses were complaining that it was always so.

For me, it was a place I could go to and have privacy and a guaranteed table at any time; great for me but not for  the  owners. Somebody might say the failure is because the food is bad. But no, the food was very good in the first two restaurants and it cannot be the food because the second owners have another restaurant with same food and it is very successful.

So what is the problem?

I can easily say it is a very bad feng shui, nothing else. Let me tell you the many problems and faults of this location.

First, it is partly below a curving road level, which according to feng shui principals is very negative. When I was sitting there in the evening hours you feel like the cars are coming directly at you. Also the lights of the cars blare your vision so it is very unpleasant sitting facing the window.

When you enter the restaurant, right in front of the main door there is a toilet door. No wall or divider can be placed there because this is the way to get to the kitchen as well and there is no place. Recently I was there when the new owner (3rd one already) hung a curtain but unfortunately it is open at all times. So I don’t know what is the purpose of the curtain?

If you design restaurants the floor plan should be regular in shape. In this restaurant however it is narrow and very long sideways. Such a place will cause  owners to have very high aims and expectations where all they achieve is disappointments.

The  second owners hung a big painting of sailing ship. Water element is very beneficial in restaurants, creating good income flow however only when it is positioned correctly. There is also another matter. The ship should look like it is coming towards you and at any cost it should not look like it is sinking or in tumultuous waters. Here the previous owners did not take this into consideration and hung a painting of a big wave about to sink the ship… How can this increase profits? Sinking ship in a restaurant which already has an incredibly negative feng shui. Hmmmm…. Makes you wonder, what were they thinking.

I told the waitress to tell the owners to immediately remove the painting and best to relocate and start the restaurant in a different location, but I do not think the opinion was passed on. They survived for another three months and then the demise.

New owners came in, hoping to make this place a success. So far with no result…And I can tell you soon they will leave this place as well.

This is only a few out of many negative features that the restaurant has but the moral of the article is to always check history of your previous owners. Did they leave because the place was making so much money that they moved to a bigger place (then grab it) or (in most cases with restaurants) something was very wrong and they went bankrupt. If the previous owners went bankrupt but you know what was the reason and you know how to cure the problem then risk taking the place (I still do not recommend) but if many owners went bankrupt and you do not know why then there is an extremely high chance that you will be like them if you acquire place.

Please don’t over estimate your business acumen, sometimes events happen for a reason and most times, for very good reasons.

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