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How to get a job?
Feng shui  is not  magic and can’t perform miracles but can definitely help anyone. I was recently asked whether feng shui can actually help in getting a job for a person who has been just laid off.

Firstly, we have to realize that we are presently facing very trying times economically in a global perspective and this year has been not the best of years for anyone, it’s been that kind of year as I have analyzed it would be at the start of the year (forecast 2011 article). Sometimes, getting laid off happens if you are dispensable, the cure is training and higher learning to make oneself more indispensable. The use of feng shui alone can’t get you the job you desire but along with common sense, suitability of your expertise to the application plus a general hygienic and upbeat attitude can help you reach your goals and bring stability and security to your life.

Follow the basic guidelines and you will definitely see an improvement in your job seeking experience:

-         In your home sit and sleep facing one of your positive directions (best would be success or personal growth direction).

-         Make sure there are no poison arrows facing you while you sleep and sit.

-         Wear colors that compliment your KUA element

-         Place your home desk so you sit with a solid wall behind and empty space in front (never sit with your desk right to the wall)

-         Send your CV especially in the months where you have star number 1, 4, 6, 8. Avoid those when you have 5 and 7.


According to feng shui, the place where you sit and the direction that you finally face are very important. During job interviews make sure you read the guidelines below to know which place to choose when entering the venue, provided you can have the freedom to choose, otherwise do not be too bothered and concentrate on making a good impression.

At all times remember, no matter what you know of Feng Shui and all the secrets, if you are not qualified and do not make an impression with your persona, you are not going to get the job.

Feng Shui will not mesmerize, this is not voodoo, you need to be the right person for the job and the energies you tap from feng shui will merely act as a catalyst.

  • Choose a place furthest away from the entrance to the room to have a “command position”
  • Do not sit in line with the door as you will be in the path of the negative energy, but make sure you see the door
  • Do not sit in between two doors or with your back to the door
  • Make sure you have a wall behind you as this symbolizes the support
  • Do not sit under exposed overhead beam
  • Make sure no poison arrow is pointing directly at you
  • If you can, carry a compass with you and try to sit in one of your good directions according to the KUA formula.
  • Do not sit at the corner of a table as this symbolically will have  you hit by negative energy.

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