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How can feng shui help ladies in business?
"I do not have to believe in feng shui. I do it because it makes me money". – Donald TrumpWhat a very practical view from the world’s most controversial billionaire... Ladies, how far have we come?, For a very long time, our sex was undermined, disrespected and always overlooked while in reality we are  the prime source of the continuation of our species. Now as the new era of reason and common sense shines through, we are making history once again, not as the mother of some famous person but - as a person, in our own rights who is being recognized for her efforts. Thus it is with great pleasure that I am writing this article for my fellow sexes to encourage, aid and primarily assure them, that success and fame is only a door step away.

Period of 8 which started in 2004 and will last until 2024 is a period of young men and mature women. This is the time when more and more ladies will hold high positions in big companies, politics etc. This is also the time to use our potential and go for it! The energy of the period is supporting us so let’s use it for our benefit! If you have a passion to do business and have good, innovative ideas this is the time to start your own business.

To start a business and be successful other than seeking feng shui help, personal confidence,  sheer determination and will is what you need to ensure success.

Like Anatole France once said: "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe". If you yourself do not believe that you have the chance to succeed than it will be difficult to achieve anything great.

Before you start your business you should check whether you have the potential to be successful in the type of  business you are intending to do and also whether you are in the good period of your life to start a business and achieve success and financial gain.

You definitely need to do the necessary due diligence to make sure that there is a market for your products or services that you are planning to provide.  If your product or service is innovative than you will need to spend more time, energy and money to make the necessary endorsements.Feng shui is a tool that helps cure problems or empower the person to achieve his/hers full potential. It is an art – born of common sense and experience – and skill of correcting disharmony in the environment and of improving one’s immediate living and working space.It is commonly accepted that all of us go through good and bad periods, we call it bio  rhythms.

In good period of our lives feng shui will let us fully exploit this auspicious time to our advantage, and in the bad period will help us survive and weather the storm.My husband’s takes on application of feng shui during the bad period as a helmet, “let’s say a brick is going to fall on your head and you cannot stop it, there is nothing you can do to avoid it, but here is a helmet so even though the brick does hit you, you do not lose your life but only sustain a terrible headache”.

If you are trying to get into partnership with someone, feng shui can actually help you estimate whether the partnership stands a chance for success and whether it will be profitable for both parties. If your partner is in his/hers good period then it will also be beneficial for you but if he/she is in a bad period then most likely you will fail. So being in partnership is good provided you choose the correct partner.


Visualization is actually a powerful tool. Why does feng shui say that it is not good to hang paintings or photographs representing wars, death, sadness etc.? It is because it is associated with negative feelings and as such has negative connotations and if you look at it every day you will also start having feelings like that. What you should do is surround yourself with positive images.

If you are in business, hang a painting of successful businesswoman who achieved tremendous success, the one that is an authority for you.If you do not fully believe in your success hang a writing: “I will be very successful”, “I will make a lot of money” in a room where you do spend a lot of time. Looking at it every day is very positive. This is not feng shui  but visualization and I believe it is very powerful.

How to create the good image of the company?

Before you start anything you should think of most important aspects, such as those  who will represent you and your company. Most important are: name of the company, logo, name cards and website. Name and logo is what people associate you with. It should not only be catchy, easy to remember and also easy to pronounce (name). This is what your clients will associate you with.

Choose an easy logo to remember. Look at all the big companies; they all have a very easy logo, like LV, IBM, LG, BMW, Google etc.When it comes to colors generally those that symbolize spring are better opposed to autumn colors. This is symbolism. In spring everything is waking up to life, so if your company is just about to open choose greens.

You can also choose colors based on the type of business you do.

Name cards is how other people will see your company.

Business cards, even though they are small, are actually an invaluable tool. You use it almost every day, so that is why you should make sure that your business card has auspicious design. In feng shui of name cards there are two aspects which are actually most important. One is the dimensions and the way you place all the information on the card.

There are few sets of dimensions however the easiest one to follow is the dimensions of the credit cards. Did you know that credit cards where actually designed according to feng shui principals? Just use those auspicious dimensions for your name cards...Remember to never to put your company name right at the bottom of your name card.

Star number 8

This is a number associated with wealth and success. Firstly find out where in your home or office  is this star located and then enhance it with water feature. Water is associated with wealth and money but provided it is situated in the correct location.

We have period, annual and monthly star number 8. The easiest to find is the annual star number 8 which is located in the Northwest corner this year. As such, this is a place to have a water feature there, which will activate the wealth and success potential.

Beneficial dates

When you are planning to open your company (register, move office), sign an important contract or ask for a business loan, do use the so called beneficial dates which will give you higher chance of succeeding. There are good and negative dates. So do make sure you choose the correct ones.

Why do you think the Olympics in China started on the 08.08.08 at 8.08 pm? It is not a coincidence but was meticulously planned to ensure that China will get the most amount of gold medals, which they did.

KUA formula

Always remember to sit facing one of your beneficial directions according to KUA formula, best would be success direction. This is especially important when positioning your desk in your office. Keep in mind also that desk should always be positioned so you can sit with a solid wall behind and empty space in front. This is the most beneficial sitting arrangement.






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