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What is feng shui?

Before I explain what feng shui is, it is necessary to let you know the origins and when it apparently got started.
It is almost impossible to say when exactly it started because information about that differs, sometimes extremely. When reading different information, articles and books concerning this topic, I came to face with many completely different information. Some sources say that feng shui has its beginning around 2500 years ago, some 3500 years ago and others even 6000 years ago!!!! The latter really made me laugh!

If we only use basic logic, we can figure out that 6000 years ago or even 5000, people didn’t even have a proper homes to live in, so this information is really exaggerated and taken from vivid imagination!

The most probable is that feng shui had it’s origin around 3500 years ago and this information is confirmed by most experts. Although according to old books in the beginning, feng shui was referred to as the natural science of the study of natural environment and characteristics of the landscape. At that time symbolism played an interpretive role. Mountains and rivers were the structures that indicated either good or bad feng shui. If they looked friendly or if they resembled positive creatures, they were considered positive, and bringing good feng shui. If they look dangerous or hostile and resembled monsters, then they were negative.

The origins of feng shui are quite convoluted.

As there are different consultants there are different theories. Some say it came from the Lady of the Nine Heavens and the Yellow Emperor, some say it came from Chinese folklore, some believe that this ancient art was formed by the King Wen or sage Fu Xi the founders of the Early Heaven and Later heaven Pa Kua or from a Neolithic ( Yangshao) culture in China. All very Chinese, all very oriental mythology, but then, lets be real, this is Chinese science and we should not get into a knot on worrying whether the study of this will anyway impede or harm our sensitivity to our beliefs, this is a culture tour.

Feng shui goes back to the times where the knowledge was passed by the word of mouth generation to generation, from the Master to his students. Only after The Master died the students became Masters. So, sometimes they were waiting for a very long time…

Feng shui was first used as how to face the tombstones and placement of bodies in graves. They believed that if the patriarch (grand-father, father) of the home was buried using the principals of feng shui then wealth, health and happiness will never leave the family.

Long before death, specialized feng shui consultant was looking for a right place for an ideal grave site. Even now, this practice is being used by many Asian tycoons, who even after death ensuring that the money remains and grows with the family.

According to history books the earliest feng shui techniques were used notably in the Han dynasty, the Chin, the Tang, the Sung, the Ming. In the ancient China only the Emperors and high classes had access to this science.

Feng shui was only available to the emperors and royal families.

There are many stories stating that according to the order of the Emperor all the old books were being changed, and published with wrong information so the ones that could endanger the dynasty could not have access to the real information.

There are many legends of which one says that one of the Chinese Emperors invited all the feng shui masters to his palace for a dinner and killed all of them because he was so worried that enemies of the court with the help of feng shui could unbalance his power.

During the Mao Tsetung era, feng shui was forbidden in China. He was the only person that could use it and he did, he read all the old texts and studied feng shui.

This was the time many of the feng shui masters left China and settled down in Hong Kong, now the unofficial capital of feng shui, together with Taiwan and Singapore. Some of these cities have the ancient texts about feng shui and that is why even now we can enjoy the benefits of the practice.

For many years, the wisdom of ancient Chinese sages was accessible almost exclusively to the Chinese people and to societies that were very influenced by Chinese cultural practices, but fortunately for the last many years it is accessible to everyone around the world.

Now let’s understand what is feng shui.

I found many misleading information on what it is. In Poland feng shui has a bad reputation because of the way it was brought to our country and mainly also of the way people practice it.

A lot of people have this misconception that Feng Shui revolves around strange monks doing weird chants or that it has a lot to do with magic, exorcism, superstition and even that feng shui has something to do with religion.

Recently during a commuter trip, I was sitting next to a priest with whom I started having a conversation with. After I told him that I am doing feng shui, he actually said that this is a practice that is not accepted by the Catholic Church due to the hedonistic rites that permeates it…

To make it clear feng shui is neither hedonistic, magical or mysterious and has nothing to do with religion! It is a science, an ancient science much like the science that once existed in lost cities of Atlantis and other ancient and forgotten civilization that marvels and baffles us today on the ancient civilization aptitude, understanding and learnings of what we call modern applications, only difference is, this science called feng shui has weathered the test of time!

It is also far away from interior designing or placing objects needlessly around the house or witchcraft.

In Asian countries, Feng Shui is also very much the protocol in business. Even today, when people want to get married or move to a new home or office, sign a contract, have important meeting they still seek consultation "to get a good date".

Direct translation from Chinese means wind and water.

The practice of feng shui has its roots in the Chinese way of viewing the Universe, where all things on Earth are categorized into the 5 basic elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) and take on implications of positive and negative energy.

This energy is known as chi and can have either the yin or yang aspect basically positive and negative, much like the polarity of your common battery…

Feng shui is an art of harnessing powers of the land, time and space to benefit an individual’s endeavors.

It is about assessing the flow of energy in a property and how the energy affects the residents.

Feng shui is a tool that helps cure a problem or empower the person to achieve his/hers full potential.

Feng shui is an art – born of common sense and experience – and skill of correcting disharmony in the environment and of improving one’s immediate living and working space.

It is commonly accepted that all of us go through good and bad periods, we call it bio rhythms

Feng shui in good period of our life will let us fully exploit this auspicious time to our advantage, and in the bad period will help us survive and to weather the storm.

My husband’s take on application of feng shui during the bad period is, “lets say a brick is going to fall on your head and you can not stop it, there is nothing you can do to avoid it, but here is a helmet so even though the brick do hits you, you don’t loose your life but only sustain a terrible headache”.

The Chinese believe that in order to achieve harmony, heaven ("tian"), earth ("di") and human ("ren") must be in harmony. Heaven is what we are born with - it's our genetic DNA, something we can not change. Earth is the environment we live in which is something dynamic and sometimes evade our control even with the best of feng shui applications. Human is what we do to achieve what lies in our potential. If we are meant to win a lottery but we won’t even buy a ticket, do you really think we stand a chance? So, do not lose your opportunity…

With the use of feng shui, life can definitely become better and easier!

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