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True or false

There are many misleading notions about feng shui and it’s application. For some it is enough just to place a 3-legged toad, wind chime or another object and our life will immediately change for the better. Unfortunately it is not so and that it why I want to clarify the  myths and ridiculous concepts about feng shui.

No Chinese terminology, thus no way to communicate feng shui??

Feng shui was taught in Chinese because that is where this science roots are and most astute feng shui masters can’t or maybe do not attempt any other language other than Chinese. But some feng shui masters just tried to make feng shui difficult by making their students learn all the Chinese names and terminology.

This was before feng shui was so well known all over the world thanks greatly to The Grand Master Lillian Too who took the mystery away and let the world know this science in a simple, motherly fashion.

Feng shui is already a difficult science, so why to complicate it even more?

Many people spend too much time studying the terminology and learning all the Chinese names. This is really not important. It does not make a difference if you know the name of certain formula in Chinese, English, Russian or Polish. What matters is that you can use it and apply it correctly.

Symbolic items are necessary in the practice of feng shui

A lot of people have the idea that feng shui is all about placing Chinese items around your home, that without the dragon, 3-legged toad or Chinese figurine, feng shui won’t work. This is nonsense!

Do you really believe that just by placing a toad, dragon or turtle you will get rich? Feng shui is also about symbolism but you do not need to place items that you do not relate to. If you like this kind of items, go ahead and place them in your home, but if you do not like it there is no need to do so. You can place European items. If you do not like mandarin ducks, place a painting of a couple or love symbols that you like.

Instead of placing Fu dogs (Chinese looking dogs) you can place lions or elephants.

Use your instincts and common sense.

You have to be Buddhist to practice feng shui

Feng shui first started in China. Buddhism is the religion which is practiced by most Chinese people. That is why in many feng shui books, which are written by Chinese feng shui masters, statues of Buddha, Chinese Gods are recommended.

But if we are Catholics, Muslims, Hindu or atheists, do we  need to follow that?

Of course not! If you are Catholic instead of placing Buddha you can place a painting or figurine of Mother Mary or Jesus Christ. If you are Hindu you can place a figurine or statue of Mother goddess Durga etc. in the appropriate corner.

The same when it comes to bracelets or pendants. You do not need to wear medallions or pendants that are of any other religion than yours.

Concentrating on details

Many people concentrate too much on unnecessary details and don’t put too much attention on the important issues.

I get questions like: “What color towels shall I have in my bathroom?”, “What color flower pot shall I choose for the balcony?”

You all must understand that feng shui is not about the color of towel or slippers you choose for your home.

What bothers me most is individuals who place a lot of attention to this unnecessary product placement rather than about annual updates or  sleeping directions.

So do not concentrate on small matters. Protect yourself from negative energy, apply flying star, use KUA formula, take care of annual changes and afflictions and you will be perfectly fine.

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