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Symbolism and feng shui

Many people have  misconception about the practices and the science known as feng shui. They think that feng shui is only about placing Chinese looking objects around one’s home. Some believe that just because they place a figurine, object or some kind of Chinese creature in their home, they will somehow get rich, attain success, be happy and gain health. If only it would be so simple…

If it was this easy, why then educate oneself and even seek employment??? Just buy a 3 legged toad or any other wealth enhancing article and wait for money to fall from the sky and your life to change forever!!!

Does anyone actually believe this???

It is evident these days that you find a whole range of products that are selling under the name of feng shui. You can get enhancers, remedies and items that supposed to bring you money, wealth, love, career advancement and even talismans that should protect you from all sorts of bad luck.

Frankly, I have lost track with all the products and objects that are available on the market.

You can find all sorts of products like very popular wind chimes, turtles, Chinese coins, dragons and many others. What is interesting is that every year you have new products, so every year you can spend money on these better enhanced items. Every year there is a new collection of articles :) Like clothes; you have spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, you have new ones for the practice of feng shui . Why is that??? To entice you to procure new products and spend more money; even though you actually will never need that. It is like all commercial aspect, a business.

People, who like possessing these kinds of products or articles and understand the meaning, please go ahead and buy whatever you like, just remember that just placing it won’t change your life. You still have to use and understand all the principles of feng shui.

Feng shui is a science and it has to do with symbolism as well but not necessarily Chinese or oriental looking products.

We live in Europe and even though feng shui came from China, it does not mean we have to use Chinese looking items or products. Feng shui is about directions and locations; much more important is to apply flying star and 8 Mansions than placing the symbolic objects. Symbolism is also a part of feng shui and you can use this principle but what you need to realize is that you should only surround yourself with items you find pleasurable.

What I am trying to state is that using these objects is not necessary; what is even more important is that in feng shui you do not need to use any of these oriental products, which actually means you are not restricted to symbolic remedies of oriental nature..

I personally do believe in symbolism but I believe that you should surround yourself with objects that you find pleasurable to possess and be surrounded with. If for you,  Chinese products are nice to look at, go ahead and buy it, if you like horses (they symbolize respect, good family name, fame) place them in your home, if you love Chinese looking creatures, buy them, but only if you really like it. There is nothing worse than buying something just because some kind of so called expert recommended this to you and you find looking at it every day and thinking how ugly and out of place you find it in your surroundings.

Symbolism is important and I believe in surrounding yourself with nice, pleasant looking things (not necessarily Chinese). I would never hang a painting either in my home or in the office showing battles, death, sadness or natural disasters. I prefer to put paintings of happy people, figurines of docile animals (do not place figurines of fierce looking animals inside your home) and any symbolic art depicting pleasant nature; everything that gives me positive vibrations.

I do not place single people or animals paintings or photos, I prefer couples. To me it is a symbol of togetherness; which will make my relationship stronger and forever lasting.

Always remember that even though feng shui is a Chinese science, your home does not need to look like Chinese. Your home or office can look modern or whatever you fancy and can even have a minimalist look, so nobody will even notice you applied the feng shui principles.

Chinese looking objects are not necessary if you do not like it. Use what works for you.

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