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Feng shui nonsense
There are many misleading advices or rather false representations of feng shui that I have found on the internet pages. I would like to interject my view and make some comments. These comments are not meant to undermine or belittle anyone but rather they are my opinions and my professional points of clarification.

1.    Feng shui is magic

What is so magical about science???

I guess only to people who have no idea what feng shui is, will it seem magical or worse, a practice of the black art, whatever that means. To make it clear; feng shui is neither magical nor mysterious nor has anything to do with religion. IT IS A STUDY OF SCIENCE!!!

2.    Feng shui is about getting rid of things from our apartment/office; it is about constant cleaning

Feng shui is not a study about cleaning, thus it has nothing to do with domestic help…

3.    You have to believe in feng shui for it to work

Feng shui is not working on our sub conscience.  You do not need to be a believer for it to work. All you need to do is use it accordingly to the rules. Let me give you an example, when you add yellow to green, you get blue…you don’t have to believe, it does because that’s what colours do when they mix, simple analogy…

4.    feng shui is only about placing objects around our home

There are a lot of enhancers and also remedies in feng shui but this science is not based only on placing objects and statues randomly around our house. More important is to check, if there are no poison arrows (sharp or harmful objects) facing us or our home, the proper usage of a flying star formula or 8 mansions and correct placements of remedies in their respective areas…

5.    In the wealth section place something purple

But what is that supposed to achieve???? Can something purple be a vase, flower or table cloth???? Do you, dear readers, truly believe that just by placing something purple in the wealth sector you will become rich? Feng shui is a science and when well used allows attainment of wealth, health, happiness and contentment.

It can help achieve what lies in your potential but can’t do anything more.

6.    Place a mirror in the kitchen so it reflects the oven/stove. To magnify the energy of the fire.

This is the biggest nonsense I have read and this proves that the person that advised this, do not even have the basic knowledge about feng shui.

By giving this kind of advice, it eventually might do more harm than good. As the saying goes, little knowledge is dangerous.

Stove in the kitchen has the power to suppress down bad luck and also is one of the most significant items in feng shui. When correctly oriented or placed, the stove can bring good fortune to the family. But the stove fire must be always kept under control. That is why stove should never be energized, for example by the presence of mirrors. This would be dangerous and could even cause accidents and set of misfortunes.” Fire is a great servant but a bad master”.

Mirror in feng shui is being used as an enhancer or it is used to double whatever it is reflecting.

But what are you reflecting?! One of the good areas for placing a mirror is a dining-room to symbolically “double the food”. If you must mirror, than mirror bounty of good things such as food. It doesn’t mean that you have more to consume at that time, but it sure makes like you have more, doesn’t it, it augurs good eating and bounty of presence…That’s all it does.

7.    Buy a new wallet to have more money

I have read recently that to have more money, it is necessary to buy a new wallet. Does it mean that every time we buy wallets, we will win the major jackpot or at least the lottery or a bonus? Then maybe we should all start buying new wallets every day? ….just in case....:)

Maybe the best solution is to quit work and just keep buying wallets and the money will find us?

Please do not believe in such utter nonsense!

8.    In the wealth zones in the living room or office place fountain, plant and a lamp.

I just had to write about that because it is another example of not only inexperience advice but ill advice that can harm their reader, who does not have the knowledge of feng shui and only follows.

Fountain is a water element, plant – wood, lamp – fire, each of this objects belong to different element. The money sector according to Pa Kua is SE and its element is wood.

5 elements and its relationships is the basic knowledge every beginner should learn. According to 5 elements and the productive cycle, which is the one used to activate something positive, the enhancer to that area - SE would be water (water produces wood). Plant is also good to place here (same element as the sector). Just remember that plants with sharp leaves or thorns are not good, for example: cactus.

But writing about placing lamp in that sector will only cause us to deplete that energy because fire (lamp) exhaust wood (SE), causing us to have less money.

I suggest the person that wrote that, to read my article ”Five elements in feng shui”.

9.    Energize bedroom – place a live, healthy plant there.

Plant in the bedroom is a big no-no when it comes to feng shui.

Bedroom is a place of rest (yin), plants being the yang element disturb our sleep.

Also from the biology class, we all should remember that plants during the day give out oxygen (it is called photosynthesis) and give out carbon dioxide during the night and take the oxygen.

So imagine, just from a common sense perspective, if you sleep in one room with plants, it is very bad for us because we have lesser oxygen (we have to share with the plant).

From the feng shui perspective, plants in bedroom cause misunderstandings and arguments. The exception is a bedroom of a sick person, where plants may be very beneficial because of its properties to absorb negative energy. In this case the plant absorbs the negative, sick energy.

Let’s only remember not to buy red flowers for a sick individual, the best are white ones.

10.    Kitchen in the relationship area suggests „too much happening in that department”.

This is another example showing how unprofessional the consultant is. According to elements kitchen is a fire element, relationship sector (SW) is an earth element.

Looking only at the 5 elements it might be construed as true. But in this case, it is not. This is the exception because kitchen is best suited to suppress bad luck.

SW is not only a relationship corner but also one of the 2 most important sectors at home. It represents the “matriarch”, the mother, the woman of the house.

Having kitchen in that sector not only will exhaust our relationships with partner, family and friends and also will cause the position of the mother to be weakened.

So remember, do not put your kitchen in neither NW nor SW of your home.

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