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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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Feng shui myths
In my practice of feng shui I meet up with people who did not believe this science actually works. They told me they tried it, nothing changed in their life and that is why they do not believe in it now.
The problem is that feng shui does work but only if you apply it correctly, like all sciences, for something to work, the application has to be exact, for example, we all know water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen, but then is it?

It is, if 2 atoms of oxygen combines with a single atom of hydrogen, then water is formed, now that’s exact science….

Feng shui can make anyone rich

Sometimes even though feng shui is applied correctly, nothing fantastic or remarkable may happen in our life. It is not because feng shui does not work. It does, but we must realize that feng shui should first and most importantly protect us from all the negative or bad events that might happen to us. So, if nothing bad is happening, feng shui is working without us realizing it.

Please remember that feng shui is not magic, it can’t make all of us billionaires or at least millionaires! If it did, all feng shui masters names would be on the Forbes richest people list.

Feng shui is a science, science that help us reach and use our full potential. But it can not exceed our potential. If we are not meant to be very rich, even with the help of the best feng shui master, we won’t. So do not expect that just after applying feng shui everybody’s life will change financially for the better.

Feng shui is responsible for one third of our overall fortune, which is quite a lot.

In  good times, feng shui will definitely help you use your full potential, but in the bad times it will help you survive the ill period.

Like I always tell my clients, if a brick is going to fall on our head and you can not do anything about it because the brick is going to fall on you, no matter what, you can either just stand and receive the blow or you can wear a crash helmet. Feng shui is that helmet! The aftermath on an exposed head and one with a crash helmet differs greatly after the impact, don’t you agree…?

Of course depending from what height and with what speed the brick will fall the results will differ.

Compass is not necessary

Very important or even very necessary is the use of a compass. A lot of people believe that just looking at where the sun is rising and setting will be enough to know where each direction is.

This is a very grave misconception in the application of this science!

There are 4 main directions and 4 sub directions, if we only estimate where each direction is, we might make a huge mistake and then the whole analysis is incorrect. Remember again, this is an exacting science.

The most crucial is to get the direction correct!

What you also have to know is that the reading on the compass inside and outside the buildings may vary (sometimes a lot) because of the electrical magnetic field of appliances inside the home and because of electric field outside the home.

So do always use a compass.

Once house feng shui is done, no need to do anything

Feng shui is about flow of energy. What is very necessary to know and remember is that energy changes every year, every month, day and even every hour and second.

When energy changes you have to update the feng shui of your house. Of course no need to do it every day but you definitely should do it every year and every time the period changes (every 20 years). This is very important!

You can also make small adjustments every month. You will find out how to do it just by reading the section “Monthly forecast”.

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