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8 directions in feng shui

There are 8 directions and each one is responsible for different aspects of our life. Each one is defined by it’s own number, trigram and element...and much more.
Everything in feng shui  is characterized by its  own element.

As we identify the sectors by their own element, we then can find  the authority the element places on that particular sector. If you understand the 5 elements rule, you should not have a problem to activate the sector you need.

It is quite simple.

If you do not know the 5 elements, check my articles at my site on the matter!

To know where each sector is located, you have to use a compass. This is really necessary.

Many people think that it is enough to know where the sun is setting and rising and that is enough.

It is not! You have to use a compass!

Let me tell you in a short descriptive manner what each sector is representing.

NORTH sector – responsible for career. For all those working in corporations, big companies or just employed, this is the right sector to activate. The element of this sector is water, so the best way to activate this sector is to place a water feature in the North.

This sector is produced by metal so either water or metal energy here is very lucky.

Avoid placing wood element here.

SOUTH–fame and recognition sector.  If you want to be recognized, if you want to be respected, light up this sector! Use bright light, candles etc.

Figurines, statues or paintings of horses, symbolically brings fame and recognition.

If you want new opportunities and you like symbolism, place a painting of birds in that sector.

Since this is a fire sector, wood (like plants) strengthen this sector as well. Avoid earth element because this exhaust this sector.

EAST – health sector. This is also the sector of the eldest son. This sector is filled with a lot of growth energy so it is a good place for children, especially sons.

Good health is very essential for a happy life, sometimes we do not realize it until we loose it. Only then do we start realizing how important health is. This is a wood sector so this is a very good place to put plants here. Water is   recommended as well.

Avoid fire element here, for example: candles, lights etc.

WEST–descendants luck. If you want to have children but you have difficulties conceiving, check if this sector is not missing in your home.

If you like symbolic objects, you can place here all the fertility symbols, for example: crystal lotus, painting of 100 children etc.

This is a metal sector. This is a sector good for children and older people. Avoid water here, because it exhausts this sector.

SOUTHWEST – sector of the mother of the home (matriarch) and sector of relationships and love. If you are a bachelor, and for some reason you can’t find a girlfriend, check if your SW is not missing!

If you have relationship problems, check if this sector is not occupied by a toilet.

Activate this sector with lights, crystals, you can also place love symbols in that corner.

Avoid metal elements here.

NORTHWEST – sector of the man of the family (veryimportant sector), and sector of mentors and helpful people. If you need help from influential people, activate this sector. If for some reason you are still single lady maybe this sector is missing or it is occupied by a kitchen or toilet.

This is a metal sector, so place a lot of metal element objects here.

Make sure your kitchen is not located here!!!

Water exhausts this sector so avoid it here.

NORTHEAST–education sector.  For all those studying or pursuing education, this is the sector to activate! This is an earth element sector, so place bright lights here or use red color scheme. Crystals are excellent here as well!!! The symbolic activators for education are for example: globe, world map,  crystals etc.

SOUTHEAST–money & wealth sector.  If you want money and wealth, activate this sector!!!

This is a wood sector so place a water feature or a small plant here. The best is a fast growing plant. Symbolic meaning is that the faster the tree grows,the faster you get money.

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