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Success with a Logo (Pekao Bank)
Bank Pekao S.A has existed for over 80 years and is now the biggest bank in  Central-eastern Europe.I am writing about this bank because from feng shui perspective it has one of the most powerful and significant logo.  It took them some time to come up with a winning logo but it definitely was worth the time. (Photo source: PAP)

Their first logo (on the picture below) was a mixture of entangled letters (PKO) and it was actually quite impossible to see the three letters there. Such a logo will be a cause of arguments, problems of clear thought and  good concise decisions.  Fortunately this logo was not there for long.

They had many logos, with time they were changing the logo to achieve perfection just as they desired success for themselves as a bank. In the year 1997 the Bank announced a competition to create a new logo. Undoubtedly it had been a very good decision. The winning project was the one proposed by Mars&Venus company. It portrayed a strong, polish bison. The choice of this symbol was one of the best decisions of the bank.Bison symbolizes power, strength and security. This bison in the logo is symbolically giving the protection and power to the bank.

The logo was created using two colors: white and blue. White symbolizes metal element where blue symbolizes water. The element of the bank industry is metal but the movement and flow of money is dealing with water element. Wealth is also associated with water. Here we have metal supporting water (as for the cycle of elements) so this is very auspicious combination of colors and symbols in this particular logo.

In the practice of feng shui, symbolism has an important role but must be  adaptable to the conditions, culture and surroundings in which we live in. It is useless and idiotic using Chinese symbols which have no bearing on our culture and history to symbolize strength to a culture so distanced in all respect to China.

In feng shui, very often you can read about placing Fu dogs outside building to provide protection and security. When you interpret feng shui which is a science, symbolism must mean what you conceive as symbolic so instead of sculptured Asian looking Fu dogs , you can have a sculpture of a bison, lion, rhinoceros, bull etc. Any strong animal that you identify with, will do. This is known as simple symbolism. Just make sure the animal looks strong and seemingly poised in an aggressive stance .


Bank Pekao chose a very strong, powerful and fierce animal, which definitely was a great choice.Outside the headquarters of the bank the sculpture of the polish bison was placed (in the scale 1:1) to give protection to the bank.  However that’s not all. On the roof top of the headquarters, there is a big bison lit logo giving the bank additional protection and security.

Interesting continuation of the symbolism used by the bank is the support of polish bisons. The bank takes part in the protection program of this mammal, which is very noble and admirable.According to information provided by the bank it takes care of it living largest group of bisons (450 mammals) in the Bialowieza Forest.According to feng shui you can say that this bank will always be successful, run with integrity and shall remain so.

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