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Bedroom problems
One of our readers, wrote to us regarding her bedroom. She lives in a small flat and she has to have computer in the bedroom as there is no space elsewhere.

She wrote that  "everytime I enter my bedroom I have serious headaches, I am constantly tired, not sleeping at night and lately been feeling serious state of depression and I don't have one single reason to feel like that. Don't let me getting started on my relationship with my partner. Can you please forward me some advice on how to redecorate this room and find happiness again?"

Below, you can see the bedroom photos.

"Here are my advices as I see fit and the cause of the malady...




The main problem which is the cause of migraines, headaches etc., is the shelve above the bed. This is the most negative thing as the shelves seemingly "presses" on the person while he/she is sleeping. Additionally the bed is positioned in a way that the head is almost next to a heater, which obviously is not good during autumn and winter months when the heaters have to be turned on.

Additionally she should remove the shelves which are the main cause of the headaches. Some puritanical feng shui consultants may advise hanging a crystal, bamboo or something else as this supposed to block the negative energy. I do not agree with this as I know that nothing will really help unless the shelf is totally removed.

Since the TV cannot be removed elsewhere, at least try to not have it face the bed ( have it covered before sleeping) and it should be switched off completely so there are no electromagnetic field which is negative when you retire for the night.

She should also check the compass direction of  her bed and see which direction according to KUA formula is her head  facing while sleeping. The sleeping direction is very vital for a good nights rest.

As for her happiness and bliss at home, I will need more than a photo to make my analysis but then that is a whole other story, let her get on with the advices thus far made.

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