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Arkadia, Warsaw
I decided to write an article on a shopping mall that I found had all the aspects of feng shui science applied to enhance, maintain and guarantee great success for a very long time. I am not sure which master or consultant had given the inputs or was it rather that the architect was a feng shui practitioner, it just seems highly improbable that this is mere coincidence or rather great architectural insight without feng shui input.

Let me explain why;-

When we observe the complex from the outside, we observe that the complex has a large vacant space in front. Now with great location in a bustling area with abundance for potential clients due to rail stops and bus stops right in front, you might think business minded people would have utilized the large vacant space more commercially, but they did not. The reason in feng shui perspective is simply called harnessing the energy with a bright hall effect. This method guarantees energy to be collected freely and then moved into the building.

Again when you observe from the outside looking towards the complex, all pathways are created in a meandering manner, resembling streams of water leading to the main entrance. Moreover , further enhancement is a water fountain that has streams of water jet that pour into the center from all compass directions. All the features presented so far such as pathways, bright hall and fountain ensured me that this business location is going to be a major success for a very long time. Another very interesting and very clever feature is that all roads seemingly lead to Arkadia, the multitude of entrances and exits with very ample parking spaces ensures great flow of human traffic, a very brilliant architectural and civil engineering feat.

Having a globe like structure revolving on the highest point of the complex with their logo on is a great touch that ensures they will constantly expand in their business operation. Representation such as this symbolically guarantees the company’s aims and aspirations for expansion.

The complex was launched in 2004, a year when the new period 8 starts and will last till 2024. Any complexes built before are in the previous 7th period which lasted from 1984 till January 2004 and are in need of great amount of renovation done in order to comply with the requirements to usher in the new period. Now how coincidental is that, a complex created at the right time to be able to harness the period success for the full term, a brilliant business touch.

I was even more eager to get into the building and observe even further, what I found was a great main hall awaits ensuring that all energies entering have a way to collect once again inside before dissipating inwards.

The complex is planned brilliantly incorporating all five elements such as concrete (earth), glass (water), plants (wood), steel (metal), lightings (fire)  and has two large pathways creating a circular motion guaranteeing energy to dissipate and distribute evenly to all the tenants. As soon as I saw this, I knew immediately that this meant that not only the owners of the complex are ensured good times but that each and every tenant will receive good business.

Good feng shui is not about success only to the practitioner but success to all who do business with him/her, this science is not “I win, you lose” , but rather “lets win together”.

There is much more I can write about this great complex known as ARKADIA in Warsaw, I am very proud of the fact that discreetly there are those in Poland who do practice this science so that it benefits all. Great job ARKADIA, may your doors forever revolve with business and may you  bring joy to all who place their trust in you.

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