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Malaysian Ambassador’s Residence in Sweden
During the last week of July, my husband and myself were in Stockholm, Sweden to visit our very good friends, Dato Kamarudin Mustafa, the Ambassador of Malaysia in Sweden and his lovely wife Datin Nik Rauha Binti Nik Ab Rahman.

Datin Nik (as she is affectionately called), invited us one evening for a dinner to their rented home in Stockholm. I was quite surprised to see the Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm.

At first sight, the residence had great feng shui. I decided to take a closer look and check if the feng shui was really that great.

I walked around the house and the more I saw, the more I was amazed. At first, the feng shui of that home just seemed good but the more I investigated, the more I was sure the home is enjoying a fantastic feng shui. That is why I decided to write an article about it. To show you all, that there are homes with very good feng shui.

I took some photographs of this home. This was the best proof.

First thing I noticed when I saw this house was that it had water features in the front and mountain in the back. All natural! No artificial structures, which makes it even more auspicious.

Moreover, the water was curving from the side, so it actually looks like the water hugs the building, a very auspicious sign. You can see it on the photograph below

Behind the house, there is a mountain like structure and this feature actually supports the home, which means that whoever stays in that home will always be able to count on help from somebody.

The road coming to the residence is gently curving and looks like dragon (Chinese auspicious symbol) coming to the house, which is again very auspicious.

When you enter the home, you definitely do not feel claustrophobic! There is an open space concept, which does not allow any energy to stagnate!

All the rooms are created to have a large and airy concept. The doors of each room are big and solid. The ceiling is high so you do not feel any discomfort while standing.

Again observe this on the photograph below.

In the living area, there is a big photograph of the entire family, together, smiling and happy.

Photographs of this nature are known to keep the family together.

So all of you who want to have a happy family, take a photograph of all members of the family and make sure it happens to be a group photo with all members smiling and looking happy.

Make sure it is a full body photograph and place it in the most prominent place in the living area.

I told Dato and Datin, how much I love the home they are staying in and we spent quite some time talking about it. What I found out is that in their basement there is natural water bubbling from the ground every day!

This is a fantastic sign and it is extremely auspicious to have it! Especially if it is natural!!!

Water in feng shui is associated with money, so water bubbling from ground is like money coming every day to you.

Now look at the main door. It has the Chinese symbols of protection Fu Dogs which symbolically protect the home and its inhabitants.

On the side you can see the Malaysian flag and logo which makes the home even more prominent.

The first time I came to visit Dato and Datin, I didn’t bring a compass because I was just going to a friend’s place for dinner. So next day I was there again, this time I brought the compass.

I was just very curious, which direction the home is facing, what are the flying stars.

Even though the house has water in front, mountain in the back, it is always necessary to check the direction because of flying stars. This is a very important and integral analysis to conduct.

So I checked and found out that the home is facing a SW1 direction, which means it has the most auspicious water star number 8 in front and very auspicious mountain star number 8 in the back!

You just can’t find a better home!!!

Not only the water star number 8 is being activated by natural water, even the mountain star number 8 has a natural mountain like structure enhancing the star.

This home will always bring immense amount of good fortune and money luck to the owner and occupants. Especially now, in the period of 8, which started in 2004 and will last until 2024!

Water in front is not only activating the water star but also the direction of SW, which in the period of 8 brings a lot of money luck, if water features are placed there.

Same with the mountain like structure in the back of the home which not only will enhance the good mountain star 8, but also the direction of NE, which represents relationship luck.

Anyone staying in this home will definitely enjoy incredible money luck and wonderful relationship luck.

I would like to thank Dato and Datin for having us as their guest and sharing their homes to all my readers….

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