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Peach Blossom Animal

This formula was devised to help achieve, for those in need of feeling loved, cared for, all that warm and tender feelings of being in love (who doesn’t).
This is an article for symbolic placing method.

Every animal sign in the Chinese horoscope has a so called “Peach blossom animal”. Peach blossom denotes love.

There are 4 groups of animals (you can read more about it in my article “Allies and friends”). First you need to know what animal sign you are (you can check this either in the calculator column or in the article “Chinese astrology”).

Below there is a chart. Check what animal sign you are and look what animal sign is your Peach blossom.




Rat, Dragon, Monkey Rooster WEST
Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit EAST
Snake, Rooster, Ox Horse SOUTH
Rabbit, Pig, Sheep Rat NORTH

When you know which animal is your Peach blossom, you can place a figurine of it or a painting in the appropriate sector.

Does it always work?

It is symbolic; symbolism plays an important role in feng shui practice but we shouldn’t believe that only by placing a figurine, our life will change forever.

If you really want love, follow all my advices and to enhance, (if you like) place a figurine of the appropriate animal.

It is good to know your Peach blossom animal because you can also check which of your friends are of the animal sign that is your Peach Blossom. Those people may actually attract more love into your life.

You can also check in the calculator when a year, month, day or hour is your peach blossom animal.

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