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Love, getting it and keeping it
Whether you are  a female or male with heterosexual, bi sexual or homosexual persuasions, we are  homo sapiens and as such we are social beings and having a soul mate is important  for us for obvious reasons. We may have at our earlier stage in life commonly referred to as the experimental age of youth, tried to find our sexuality and thus be more active and varied with our choices, it’s not that we were promiscuous but rather seeking experience before we finally settle down to a more sedentary monogamous relationship.

We often think that eventually we will find the other half, we will because that’s how it is. Now we are at the age to settle down because we have done the circuit of flirting, flings, heartbreaks, doubts etc and  are ready to build the nest, the loving relationship that will ultimately be ours when we are ready. Well, for some of us, where is it?

For the many, ultimately we settle down with reality, that not all of us are destined to meet, love and settle down with the princes and princesses of our dreams, but we are happy with whom we have and we make the best out of it. However there are many, an alarming growing national statistic rate, who find the future devoid of any such co existence. A life that seems to be heading towards an era of loneliness and sadness, a life that will eventually remain unfulfilled.

This topic is headed as Love, getting it and keeping it. Here are the pointers that I hope might end the drought of loneliness and show you to a more enriched life. I can’t guarantee  it will work for everyone but I am quite positive that it will help, its part common sense and part application of feng shui. I sincerely wish all the best.

Whether you have the fortune of a great mix of gene pool that makes you an attractive individual or like most of us, otherwise, it is important to note that physically remaining or trying to be attractive requires  effort. Mandatory requirement of attracting opposite sex include efforts such as personal hygiene, fitness and social skills.

On my site, there are tips and aids to follow for each individual such as knowing your personal Kua number, that allows you to know what group you are and who will be your allies and friends and tips on colors and dressing. All these feng shui tips are to aid you to develop your potential. There are also calculators that assist you to find compatibility ratings. Tips to help you  evaluate your chances for a lasting relationship.

I am social, I have done all I can to be as presentable as possible, I have a job, I am healthy, so why am I without a mate? What am I doing wrong? Why in god’s name am I alone ? Why?

Sometimes , things don’t add up, we think we have done everything and yet we find ourselves facing yearly festivities as a single individual and we can’t help ourselves wondering why? Is it because it is our destiny? Well maybe but let’s try to use the Feng Shui perspective and see if we can find out if there is a root to the problem and if there are measures we can use to overcome them. There is no harm trying.

If you have read any of my articles on my site or if you have some knowledge on feng shui, you will understand that balance is important . The balance suggested here is where we live. Let’s take a look at a plan of your home, it does not matter if it is rented or owned, does that premise have all the sectors or are any missing, if so, which?

Let me try to give you the pointers to what each sector represents and the validity of these sectors in regard to this topic.

The Northwest sector is known as the male or father sector, any home that misses this sector will either have no male presence or if you are a male, then your success as a male individual is greatly diminished. This sector is vitally important for both females and males. For females, this is the sector that you will enhance in order to attract a  man into your life and for men, this sector is all about you, who you are  and what you will become, so enhancing this sector is beneficial for both males and females.

When the Northwest sector of your home is missing or is afflicted by presence of toilet or kitchen then you should enhance the appropriate corner of the living room. If your kitchen is here, place an urn of yin ( still) water to exhaust the area. In the case of a toilet in that corner, leave the light on or place an urn of yin water. You can also place metal objects and elements in the Northwest corner of your living room or bedroom. For women seeking men into their lives, simply hang photographs of desirable men – this is known as visualization technique. It doesn’t mean that if you hang a photograph of the famous Brad Pitt, he will fall in love with you, but a guy like him might, at least we can hope.

Avoid any abstract, dark, sad and scary artwork in your bedroom. This room is meant for sleeping, resting and a place of intimacy so the atmosphere here should be peaceful and loving. Avoid objects like guns, weapons, photographs or paintings of single and or sad scenes, basically anything that evokes sadness and regret.

The Southwest sector is the female sector or mother sector, any home that misses this sector will either have no female presence or if you are a female, then your success as a female is greatly diminished.

Southwest is also responsible for relationships and if it is missing or a toilet is located there then it may be quite challenging for any man to find a woman. It may also cause your relationships with people to suffer. That is why it is important for both, males and females, to ensure that Southwest is not missing.

If your toilet is located there, place a plant (best is artificial) or place metal objects. If you are designing a new bathroom, use grey, white and metallic colors.After you do so, activate the Southwest of your living room or bedroom with lights, crystals and red color ornaments. Generally best décor for this sector is yellow, beige, pink or red. You can also activate this area with a crystal chandelier or placement of crystal quartz objects. This will strengthen the Southwest sector and as such the general relationship sector.

Use the KUA formula and position your bed, sofa, chair etc to face one of your auspicious directions, preferably your love direction. Kua Numbers are each individual numbers and there are nine of them.  To check what is your KUA number add the last 2 numbers of your date of birth; if after adding the result, there still remains 2 digits, add again so only 1 digit remains.

MALE: - Deduct this number from 10, but if you are born after the year 2000 deduct from 9. The result is your KUA number.

FEMALE: - Add this number to 5, reduce to 1 digit.

If you are born after the year 2000 – add 6. The result is your KUA number.


Robert was born in 21.09.1965. To find out his KUA number add the last 2 digits 6+5=11. After adding the number is still 2 digits, so we add those digits again 1+1=2. Robert is a male so from 10 we deduct 2. The result is 8, so his KUA is 8.

Those born in the months of January or February,  need to check when in each year the Chinese New Year starts because that new year differs from the western New Year (January 1st). It is a „moving” date due to the dependency from the phases of the Moon. You can find a table with that information in the article “Animal signs”.

Knowing your KUA number will enable you to know which direction is your suggested love direction.  See below for that direction that will enhance your love potential.

Kua 1- love directions- South

Kua 2- love direction –Northwest

Kua 3- love direction –Southeast

Kua 4- love direction- East

Kua 5- love direction: males-Northwest, females-West

Kua 6- Southwest

Kua 7-Northeast

Kua 8- West

Kua 9- North

Now you have the sectors that deal with love, so its time to analyze the home you live in and figure out what sectors are missing and if they are not, how to enhance them. Missing sectors are negative but it is not the end of the world . There are always alternative remedies to make it good, so do not panic.If you want to strengthen your love potential enhance the sector which is occupied by period or annual love and romance star number 4.

Annual star number 4 is in the Southwest sector this year ( 2011) so if possible spend your time there or enhance it with a small water feature. This star will be the strongest in the month of June so do try to  spend most time there provided it makes sense, don’t lock yourself in a closet or a pantry, use common sense. People born in the years of Monkey and Sheep should capitalize on the love star this year because the next time the star will appear in their astrological direction will be in 9 years. So all singles born in the years of Monkey (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992) and Sheep (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991) should use all the opportunities available to them because of the love star presence in their direction. However attached individuals born of these years, should be extra careful and not fall prey to extra marital affairs, the price of these unwanted flings might just not be worth it.

Single females should remember that they should not live in an apartment that is too yin. Yin is depicted as female and if your home is too yin, it attracts only feminine energy. This  might suggest that you will have plenty of girlfriends but you will have problems meeting males. Add some yang, which is the male energy in form of lights, red objects, music. Do be careful when it comes to red, which is a very powerful color. A little is good but do not paint your entire bedroom red because it will be too yang and that might just hinder potential partners from entering your life. You can introduce male energy by hanging photographs or painting of men or even having male sculptures. It will symbolically attract  male energy. Balance of yin and yang is most important so take heed.

For males do the opposite which is hang paintings and photographs of females, especially in your bedroom or have figurines and sculptures of females. Remember to remove it once you find the right partner.

Ensure the apartment/ house does not have too many yang elements, in form of lights, yang colors (red, white etc).Feng shui does not guarantee that you will immediately meet the love of your life but it can definitely improve your chances on getting more opposite sex into your life.

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