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How to choose a feng shui consultant?
I decided to write this article because many of my clients  had on previous occasions engaged so called  consultants that I would rather  name as charlatans  for the lack of a better word. Those who seek consultants  have no idea what pre requisite they should have, what advices they should receive and that they can actually question the consultant’s advice for alternatives.  Just as you will when you visit a doctor and ask for alternative treatments to your ailment. As in all things in life, we have alternatives, there is no such thing as, This Is It.

I hope to enlighten you with what to look for and what questions to ask before you decide to hire a consultant and what to expect during consultation and after.

1. Before the consultation, each consultant will most likely ask you for date of birth of every family member (to prepare for the consultation) and will ask you to prepare a floor plan of the place you want to consult.

2. Ask your intended consultant what kind of method he/she is practicing. Flying star method is most accurate but best when it is combined with 8 Mansions, compass school and Form school.

3. Make sure the consultant will guarantee  to give you a written report with a full analysis. Consultants who just come and tell you: put this here and this there, take your money, leave and never give you a written analysis are just charlatans or commonly known as cheats.

4. Every consultant should check directions outside and inside the home on a proper compass (best is Lo Pan). Feng shui practiced without a compass is not enough. This you can do by yourself just by reading my articles.

5. Do not trust a consultant that only advertise and tries to sell you products, this is not real feng shui. Symbolism plays an important role in the practice of feng shui but is not obligatory to buy any products. Enough to use materials and other objects. Remember the alternative rule.

6. When you ask questions why and how, the consultant should explain and not just say “because I say so”. You have the right to ask logical questions and get a reply. You have the right to know why your consultant advised you what he did.

7. If a consultant ask you to apply any color, material or other objects that you dislike, inform him! There must be other possibilities.Some time ago I did a consultation of an office. My meeting was in the CEO’s office and the minute I entered I felt uneasy. The room was painted in a horrible shade of green . I asked the CEO why he choose such a depressing color for his office. His answer was that actually one year ago he took another feng shui consultant who advised him this color even though the CEO said he hates green. However the consultant insisted. Ever since then the director stopped spending time there (I don’t blame him) . If you are in a situation like this tell your consultant  and demand for an alternative!

8. Placing feng shui enhancers and remedies is not a must. If you do not want to put any oriental looking projects in your office or home you do not have to. More about it you can read in “Symbolism and feng shui”

9. Above all, look at the consultant, what energy does he/she permeate, does he exude confidence, is his reply intelligent, does the remedy actually makes sense and when you receive him/her, do they seem stable in mind and character. They should also look and seem satisfied with their achievements.

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