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Download widget, wallpaper or even both. Have them always on your computer, to know what animal signs rule each year, month, day and hour. Choose whether you want it based on solar on lunar calendar. Use this information to your benefit. Finally, they are absolutely free, so enjoy this gift.

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Get love into your life

On the 14th of February, all over the world people celebrate Valentine’s Day.
For all those happily in love it is a nice day to have another reason to go out for a candle lit romantic dinner, buy a gift, give flowers etc.

Unfortunately for those who are still searching for the “other half” or just for someone special, this is not the best day.

So for all singles that would like to meet the right partner, I have some tips to help you find the one you are looking for.

1.    Read my article about the “Kua formula” & check which directions are good for you.

2.    Try to sleep, sit etc. facing your love direction. If your main door is facing your love direction even better!

3.    SW is the universal love & relationship corner. Keep it brightly lit! You can also place red or pink décor in that area.

4.    Feng shui is also about symbolism. Place objects that represent love in the SW sector or in your love sector (according to KUA formula).

It does not need to be Chinese or oriental orientated, you can use western too, for example: red hearts, crystals, figurines of couples.

5.    Make sure neither the NW nor SW of your home is missing.

6.    Check where each year the love star is located and stay in that sector or activate it.

In 2009 the love star is in the S, so if you are looking for love, use that sector as much as possible.

7.    Take care of yourself!

-    go to the gym

-    put on make up, be presentable

-    treat yourself to  spa

-    buy  sexy outfits

-    feel good about yourself

-    Splurge on keeping yourself looking healthy, sexy and alluring!!!!

A quote from the famous, Helena Rubinstein “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”.

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