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Fame, recognition and respect
When we discuss about fame and recognition, it does not necessarily mean that if you enhance this aspect you will immediately become a famous celebrity, actress, singer etc.  Fame and recognition  means respect, good reputation and keeping good family name which is so important for anyone who intends to live a social life.

If you are not being recognized at work for your work and contributions, when the promotion is being passed up, when you want to establish good name in your community or be known for something that you do. then activate feng shui suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

Some  become famous and respected without much effort when others do the same  but opportunity, chances or rather good fortune of fame and respect seems to just pass by without any notice. Why?

One factor could be determined as our so called destiny which is established at  birth, a sort of cosmic lotto where one cannot control why we end up the way we are. Those who tend to miss the fame and recognition element in their charts tend to have problems with their work being recognized. You can determine this by checking your 4 Pillars of Destiny chart. It will show you whether you have this element or not. If you do not have it then do all the remedies as suggested to rectify it, feng shui allows you to counteract what nature hasn’t provided you, let me give you an analogy, a little off the fame and recognition path but nevertheless quite apt. With modern surgical procedures , a flat chest woman can be well endowed if she chooses to do so, nature did not bless her but modern science did, get the picture now.

The sector associated with reputation and fame is South. The element of the sector is fire then the colors which generally are good here are red, pink and orange. However you can also use furnishings, carpets, curtains and other objects which are of those colors.

This is also a great place to have a fireplace, grill area, candles, incense and different kind of lightings. Fire like reputation spreads very fast so do enhance this corner to get the necessary feng shui help. Light up this sector.

Wood element feeds fire then wood objects are enhancing this corner as well, such as: wooden furniture and objects in green and brown color.

If you would like to be well known for something you do then this is the sector you should concentrate on. Think about someone who had a great positive impact in your life, a person who you always wanted to be or what you would like to be known for and then consider having that visualized sculpture or photograph as a form of visualization of success, fame and recognition.

Visualization helps achieve and actualize goals and dreams. That is why you should always display positive symbols that would subconsciously motivate you. If you would like to be an actress, place a photo of a famous and beautiful actress, when your desire is to be a famous singer place a photograph of well known singer. If you would like to be a successful and well respected businesswoman have a photo of rich and powerful business women and etc. These placements should look like putting your ambitions to a tangible manner that constantly motivates you whenever you see them.

All your rewards, prizes, certificates etc should not be kept in locked shelves. Expose them so everyone can see them and let them remind you of your achievements, it does not matter if they seem insignificant to you, theses are your achievements and greater ones are in the near future.

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