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Compass in feng shui

Using a compass and correct usage of compass is very vital in the practice of Feng Shui.
Thinking it is just enough to take general directions, where the sun is setting or rising is a big mistake.

In my practice many people during consultations were trying to convince me that there is no necessity of using a compass because they know in which direction the sun is setting, so they know where each direction is.

Inside your home, because of appliances and metal conductivity the energy changes, so it is really necessary that you use a compass.

Please also remember to buy a good compass! It is not necessary to use a Lo Pan (Chinese compass) but do not also buy the one that you can acquire as a key chain. Buy something more professional.

The best is a compass which not only has the main directions; N, S, E, W but also into secondary directions SE, NE, NW, SW.

Using compass is very easy. For people who never used it, have no fear, please read the following for assistance.

Hold your compass perpendicular to your body. The arrow should be pointing to the direction you wish to take, for example: the entrance to your home, sitting direction of your desk.


To be accurate, each time you take a reading take a few paces forward and backwards, so you at least few readings. As long as the three readings taken do not vary by 15 degrees, there are no worries. Wild and large sweeps of readings are very dangerous; it shows that the energy is very unstable.

1.    Take first reading from the front door looking out

2.    Take a second one from about 1 meter inside the building and another from 1 meter outside the main door

3.    You can take another from about 3-5 meters from inside the building looking at the main door

4.    After all of that, take an average of all the readings

When taking readings, try to avoid close proximity to electric and magnetic fields of appliances, such as: computers, stereo, cell phones, television, radio etc.

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