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4 Pillars of Destiny / Ba Zi
This article is written on an inspiration, when I watching a movie recently,  the scene had an innocent conversation of two adults reminiscing  of their childhood  what they wanted to be  when they grew up, each had different dreams and they evidently grew up to a totally different career.

This scene made me ponder on my childhood and my aspirations, dreams and what I eventually grew up to be.

I realized that my childish dreams like so many other children were developed on the fantasies of our young minds and on the hopes of our parents and elders.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if I knew that a painter or a dancer I will not be, for that is not my destiny and that I would have used my youth in a more constructive manner and saved all the heartaches and tears chasing dreams that were not meant to be but rather what I was good at and born to be.

The four pillars destiny chart does exactly that, it does not in definitive terms show the future but rather highlights your potential and therefore helps lead you on the right path.

I found this chart  a little too late in my life, but I hope that it will be there to guide parents and children to a more fulfilling, happy life leading each to reach his or her potential without all the needless heartache.

Welcome to the four pillars destiny chart.

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